The Acts of Assembly Incorporating the City of St. Louis, and the Ordinances of the City, Which are Now in Force Page 35, Image 35 (1828) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1823

[Ordinances of the City of St. Louis,] An Ordinance Containing Regulations as to Gun Powder, § 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and board of Aldermen of the city of St. Louis, That no store or shopkeeper, or other person or persons, shall keep, at the same time, in any house, shop, store, cellar or warehouse, or in any boat, more than thirty pounds of gunpowder, within the limits of the City. § 2. And be it further ordained, That the aforesaid quantity of powder allowed to be kept within the limits of the city, shall be kept in close kegs or canisters, and be kept in a good and safe place. § 3. And be it further ordained, That if any person or persons shall offend against, or violate this ordinance, he, she, or they, so offending, shall, upon conviction thereof, pay a fine of twenty dollars. § 4. And be it further ordained, That no boat owner, shall be allowed to keep more than one keg of powder on board his boat, within three days of his arrival, and shall be liable to the same fine as if the powder had been kept in any store or ware-house. § 5. And be it further ordained, That the Mayor or any Alderman, is hereby authorized, as often as he shall be informed, upon oath, of probable cause to suspect any person or persons whomsoever, of concealing or keeping within the said city, any quantity of gunpowder over and above thirty pounds, as aforesaid, to issue a search warrant to examine into the truth of such allegation or suspicion, and search any place whatever therein.