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The Charter and By-Laws of the Borough of Wallingford Page 55, Image 60 (1882) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.



By-Laws of the Borough of Wallingford. § 15. . . . the discharging any pistol, gun, cannon or other fire-arms, by any person or military company in any street, park or public ground, provided this section does not apply to the use of such weapons in lawful defense of the person, family or property of any one, in the performance of any duty required by law. . . without the consent of the warden or court of burgesses, are hereby prohibited; and every person who shall, without such consent of said warden or court of burgesses first had or obtained, do any of the acts prohibited in this section, shall forfeit and pay for each offense a sum not exceeding twenty-five dollars for the use of the borough . . .