The Code of City of Birmingham, Alabama 662 (1917)

  • Year:
  • 1917

Sec. 1544. Conduct in Parks. No person shall enter or leave any of the public parks of the City of Birmingham except by the gateways; no person shall climb or walk upon the walls or fences thereof; no person shall turn or lead any cattle, horses, goat, swine or other animals into any of such parks ; no person shall carry fire arms or throw stones or other missiles within any of such public parks ; no person shall expose any article or thing for sale within any of such parks, nor shall any hawking òr peddling be allowed therein ; no threatening, abusive, insulting or indecent language shall be allowed in any part of any of such parks calculated to provoke a breach of the peace, nor shall any person tell fortunes or play at any game of chance at or with any table or instrument of gaming nor commit any obscene or indecent act therein; no person shall post or otherwise affix any bills, no tice or other paper upon any structure or thing within any such park nor upon any gate or enclosure thereof; no person shall play upon any musical instrument, nor shall any person take into, carry or display in any such public park any flag, banner, target or transparency; no military company shall parade, drill or perform therein any military or other movements; no person shall light, make or use any fire in any such public park; no person shall go upon the grass, lawn or turf of the parks, except when and where the word “ common ” is posted, indicating that persons are at that time and place at liberty to go on the grass.

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