The Public Statutes of the State of Minnesota (1849-1858) 798-800 (1859), ch. 120, §§ 1, 8.

  • Year:
  • 1859

"Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the legislature of the state of Minnesota: That all able-bodied, white male citizens resident of this state, being eighteen years of age, and under the age of forty-five years, excepting persons exempt by law, shall be enrolled in the militia, and perform military duty in such manner—not incompatible with the constitution and laws of the United States—as hereinafter prescribed. Sec. 8. That it shall be the duty of the township assessors of the several townships, and the assessors of the several wards of the several cities, to prepare a list of all persons liable to be enrolled as aforesaid, in their respective wards, townships or districts, save and except members of uniform volunteer companies. Township, ward or district assessors aforesaid, shall annually, at the time of assessing taxable property, make out a roll or list of all names of persons enrolled as aforesaid, and place it in the auditor's office of the proper county; and it shall be the duty of such auditor annually on or before the first day of November, to return an accurate copy of such records of enrollment to the adjutant-general of the state..."

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Moses Sherburne and William Hollinshead, eds., The Public Statutes of the State of Minnesota (1849-1858) (Saint Paul, MN: Pioneer Print. Co., 1859), 789-800. Chapter 120—An Act to Organize and Discipline the Militia and Volunteer Militia, §§ 1, 8. Passed August 12, 1858.