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The Revised Code of Alabama Page 169, Image 185 (1867) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.



Taxation, § 10. On All pistols or revolvers in the possession of private persons not regular dealers holding them for sale, a tax of two dollars each; and on all bowie knives, or knives of the like description, held by persons not regular dealers, as aforesaid, a tax of three dollars each; and such tax must be collected by the assessor when assessing the same, on which a special receipt shall be given to the tax payer therefor, showing that such tax has been paid for the year, and in default of such payment when demanded by the assessor, such pistols, revolvers, bowie knives, or knives of like description, must be seized by him, and unless redeemed by payment in ten days thereafter, with such tax, with an additional penalty of fifty per cent., the same must be sold at public outcry before the court house door, after five days notice; and the overplus remaining, if any, after deducting the tax and penalty aforesaid, must be paid over to the person from whom the said pistol, revolver, bowie knife, or knife of like description, was taken, and the net amount collected by him must be paid over to the collector every month, from which, for each such assessment and collection, the assessor shall be entitled to fifty cents, and when the additional penalty is collected, he shall receive fifty per cent. additional thereto.