Third Annual Report of the Park Commissioners of the City of Lynn for the year ending December 20, 1891, at 23, Ordinances

The Board of Park Commissioners of the City of Lynn , by virtue of its authority to make rules for the use and government of the Public Parks of said City, and for breaches of such rules to affix penalties, hereby ordains that within the limits of Lynn Woods, Meadow Park and Oceanside, except with the prior consent of the Board, it is forbidden: . . .
3. To throw stones or other missiles; to discharge or carry firearms, except by members of the police force in the discharge of their duties; to discharge or carry fire - crackers, torpedoes or fireworks; to make fires; to have any intoxicating beverages; to sell, to offer or expose for sale any goods or wares; to post or display signs, placards, flags or advertising devices; to solicit subscriptions or contributions; to play games of chance, or have possession of instruments of gambling; to utter profane, threatening, abusive or indecent language, or to do any obscene or indecent act; to bathe or fish; to solicit the acquaintance of, or follow, or otherwise annoy other visitors.

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