Third Edition of the Code of Virginia: Including Legislation to January 1, 1874 Page 802-803, Image 821-822 (1873) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1865

Unlawful Hunting: Hunting on another’s land, or in the streets of a city or town, or along a public road, prohibited; penalty; how recoverable, § 5. If any person shall hunt, shoot, fowl or range with or without dogs, on the lands of another, without the consent of the owner or tenant of such lands, or shoot along any public road, or in the streets of any town or village, in any of the counties of this commonwealth, on the lands comprehended in the survey of any proprietor, he shall be deemed guilty of a trespass, and shall be fined for each offense five dollars – the fine to be double in every instance if the offense be committed in the night or on Sunday – For the use of the owner or tenant of the lands, and for the commonwealth when the offense is committed in the public roads or in the streets of any town or village, to be recovered by warrant before any justice of the peace, together with all costs and charges attending the collection for the same, and shall moreover, forfeit as aforesaid, his gun and shooting apparatus, and his dog or dogs shall be killed if the justice shall, in his discretion, so order; and when any person shall be convicted a third time of said offense, the justice rendering judgment therefor shall require him to enter into a recognizance, with sufficient security, for his good behavior for twelve months; or, if he fail to give such security, to commit to jail for one month, unless it be sooner given, such recognizance to be forfeited if such person offend as aforesaid within the time limited in the recognizance.