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William A. Richardson, Supplement to the General Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Containing the General Laws from the Passage of the General Statutes to the Year 1872, Inclusive, with the Amendments to the Constitutions of the State and the United States Page 836-837, Image 836-837 (Vol. 1, 1873) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




An Act to Aid in the Preservation of Birds, Birds’ Eggs, And Deer. § 6. Whoever, at any season of the year, takes, kills or destroys any game birds by means of traps, snares, nets or springs; or shoots at or kills any water fowl, by the use of any battery, swivel, or pivot gun, shall forfeit for each such offence twenty-five dollars: provided that between the first day of October and the first day of January in any year, any person may on his own premises, or for his own personal use and not for sale, take or kills by means of traps or snares any of the birds known as ruffed grouse or partridges.