William G. Bishop, Charter of the City of Brooklyn, Passed June 28, 1873. As Subsequently Amended. With the Charter of April 17, 1854, and the Amendments Thereto, and Other Laws Relating to Said City. Also, the Ordinances of the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn, as Codified and Revised and Adopted Dec.10, 1877 Page 192, Image 196 (1877) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1877

Ordinances of the [City of Brooklyn, Miscellaneous Provisions,] § 16. No person shall carry, or cause to be carried, any gunpowder through any street, lane or alley in the city, unless the same be secured in tight casks, kegs or cases, well headed and hooped; and said casks, kegs or cases shall be put into and entirely covered with a bag or case sufficiently to prevent any said gunpowder from being spilled or scattered, under the penalty of forfeiture of the gunpowder and a fine of fifty dollars for every violation of the provisions of this act.