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William H. Bridges, Digest of the Charters and Ordinances of the City of Memphis, Together with the Acts of the Legislature Relating to the City, with an Appendix Page 148-149, Image 149-150 (1863) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.



[Ordinances of the City of Memphis, Shooting Galleries, § 1. That no person or persons shall set up or use any pistol gallery, or place for the discharging of pistols, guns or other firearms in the first story of any building in the city; nor shall any gallery be used in any manner involving risk or danger to any person in the city; nor shall any person setting up or using such pistol gallery be exempt from the ordinance and penalties now in force, for discharging or shooting any pistol, gun or firearms within the city limits, until such person or persons have applied and paid for license to set up and use such pistol gallery, according to the provisions of this ordinance. § 2. That the person or persons applying for license to keep such pistol gallery, shall, at the time of obtaining such license, enter into bond with good security, to be approved by the City Register, in the sum of three thousand dollars, payable as other city bonds, conditioned that no gambling of any kind be permitted in such pistol gallery, or in the room used for such pistol gallery, or any room adjacent thereto, under the control and connected with said pistol gallery, or its proprietors or keepers; and that all shooting or discharging of firearms shall be done only with the perfect security against any harm to persons or property in the vicinity of such pistol gallery; such penalty to be recoverable for every violation of this section of this ordinance, and of the conditions of said bond. § 3. That the proprietors or persons keeping such pistol gallery shall not permit any minors to shoot in such gallery without the written consent of the lawful guardian of such minor, unless such guardian be personally present, and consenting to such shooting; nor shall the proprietors or keepers of such gallery permit any shooting in the same after eleven o’clock at night, or on Sunday, nor shall such shooting gallery be allowed to be kept open for shooting after eleven o’clock at night or on Sunday. Any violation of this ordinance is hereby declared a misdemeanor, and each offender, on conviction shall be fined in any sum not less than five nor more than fifty dollars for any violation of this ordinance, recoverable as other fines. § 4. Any person or persons shall before putting up or using such pistol or shooting gallery, first apply for, and obtain license, as other licenses are obtained, and shall pay for such license the sum of one hundred dollars per annum for each and every pistol or shooting gallery establishment under the provision of this ordinance. § 5. That the board of Mayor and Aldermen retain the power and right to, at any time, repeal this ordinance and revoke and recall any license to keep a pistol gallery, by refunding a pro rata part of the amount paid for any license then outstanding.]