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William Henry Whitmore, The Colonial Laws of Massachusetts: Reprinted From the Edition of 1672, with the Supplements Through 1686: Containing Also, a Bibliographical Preface and Introduction, Treating of All the Printed Laws From 1649 to 1686: Together with the Body of Liberties of 1641, and the Records of the Court of Assistants, 1641-1644 Page 126, Image 330 (1890) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Prescriptions, (1651) § 2. And it is further ordered; that no person (except for the defence of themselves and their vessels at Sea) shall transport any gunpowder out of this jurisdiction, without license first obtained from some two of the Magistrates, upon penalty of forfeiting all such powder as shall be transporting or transported, or the value thereof.