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1837-1838 Tenn. Pub. Acts 200, An Act to Suppress the Sale and Use of Bowie Knives and Arkansas Tooth Picks in this State, ch. 137, § 1.

| | 1838

That if any merchant, . . . shall sell, or offer to sell . . . any Bowie knife or knives, or Arkansas tooth picks . . . such merchant shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof upon indictment or presentment, shall be fined in a...

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William H. Bridges, Digest of the Charters and Ordinances of the City of Memphis, from 1826 to 1867, Inclusive, Together with the Acts of the Legislature Relating to the City, with an Appendix Page 44, Image 44 (1867) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1867

Police Regulations Of the State. Offences Against Public Peace. Concealed Weapons. § 4746. Any person who carries under his clothes or concealed about his person, a bowie-knife, Arkansas tooth-pick or other knife or weapon of like form and shape o...

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1879 Tenn. Pub. Acts 135-36, An Act to Prevent the Sale of Pistols, chap. 96, § 1.

| | 1879

It shall be a misdemeanor for any person to sell, or offer to sell, or to bring into the State for the purpose of selling, giving away, or otherwise disposing of belt or pocket pistols, or revolvers, or any other kind of pistols, except army or na...

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1883 Tenn. Pub. Acts 17, A Bill to Be Entitled An Act to Prevent the Sale, Loan or Gift of Pistol Cartridges in This State, ch. 13.

| | 1883

[I]t shall be unlawful for any person or persons to buy or sell or give away any pistol cartridges in this state. . . [A]ny person or persons violating this Act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be fined not less than t...

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1931 Tenn. Priv. Acts 1089,  vol. 2, An Act to Be Entitled, “An Act to Incorporate the City of Murfreesboro in Rutherford County, Tennessee . . . ,” ch. 429, art. 3, § 4, pt. 46.

| | 1931

To regulate, restrain, and prevent the carrying on of manufactories dangerous in causing or producing fires; and to regulate and suppress the sale of firearms, and to prevent and suppress the selling, carrying, using or firing of pistols, rifles, guns,...

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