1639 Va. Acts 228, Act of January 6th, 1639, Act XXI, https://archive.org/details/statutesatlargeb01virg

Not to shoot or hunt on other men’s land that is seated and bounds marked under penalty of 40s. but may pursue deer and shoot on their own land.

1639 N.J. Laws 18, Ordinance of the Director and Council of New Netherland, Prohibiting the Sale of Firearms, etc. to Indians . . .

Whereas the Director General and Council of New Netherland have observed that many persons, both Servants of the Company and Inhabitants, have contrary to the orders and commands of their High Mightiness the Lords States General and the Incorporated West India Company, presumed to sell to the Indians in these parts, Guns, Powder and Lead, which hath already caused much mischief, and if no means be adopted by Us here to prevent the same would hereafter entail nothing else than greater evil; Therefore every inhabitant of New Netherland, be his state, quality or condition what it may, is most expressely forbidden to sell any Guns, Powder or Lead to the Indians on pain of being punished by Death, and if any one shall inform against any person who shall violate this law, he shall receive a reward of Fifty guilders. . .

1639 Va. Acts 224, Acts of January 6th, 1639, Act XVII, https://archive.org/details/statutesatlargeb01virg

An act in 1637, which makes it a felony to barter with the Indians repealed, and enacted that for trading with them for arms and ammunition shall be felony, and for other commodities imprisonment at discretion of the Governor and Council.

1639 Va. Acts 226, Acts of January 6th, 1639, Act X, available at https://archive.org/details/statutesatlargeb01virg

All persons except negroes to be provided with arms and ammunition or be fined at pleasure of the Governor and Council.