Records Of The Colony Of New Plymouth In New England. Boston, 1861 Page 66, Image 77 available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Laws of Plymouth Colony (1656). And likewise that no Indian shall discharge any gun on the Lords day at any thing to the breach of the Sabbath and disturbance of the English; as they will answer it at their peril.

1656 N.Y. Laws 235, Ordinance Of The Director And Council Of New Netherland Renewing The Ordinances For The Formation Of Villages, And Against Admitting Armed Indians Into Cities, Villages And Houses

. . . further, in order to prevent such dangers of isolated murders and assassinations, the Director General and Council, with the advice of the Burgomasters of this city, cannot for the present devise any better or other expedient than already stated, and besides that, to interdict and forbid the admission of any Indians with a gun or other weapon, either in this city or in the Flatland, into the Villages and Hamlets, or into any Houses or any places, on pain of forfeiting such arms, which may and also shall be taken from them . . .