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1779 Vt. Acts & Resolves 59, An Act for Forming and Regulating the Militia; and for Encouragement of Military Skill, for the Better Defense of This State.





That every listed soldier and other householder, shall always be provided with, and have in constant readiness, a well fixed firelock, the barrel not less than three feet and a half long, or other good firearms, to the satisfaction of the commissioned officers of the company to which he doth belong, or in the limits of which he dwells; a good sword, cutlass, tomahawk or bayonet; a worm, and priming wire, fit for each gun; a cartouch box or powder and bullet pouch; one pound of good powder, four pounds of bullets for his gun, and six good flints; on penalty of eighteen shillings, for want of such arms and ammunition as is hereby required, and six shillings for each defect; and like sum for every weeks he shall remain unprovided[.]