An Act for Establishing a Militia Within this State, § 6, 1782 Jan. Adjourned Sess. of Del. Acts 1, 3.

  • Year:
  • 1782


  1. And be it Enacted, That every Person between the Ages of eighteen and fifty, or who may hereafter attain to the Age of eighteen Years (Clergymen and Preachers of the Gospel of every Denomination, Judges of the Supreme Court, Sheriffs, Keepers of the public Gaols, School-Masters teaching a Latin School, or having at least twenty English Scholars, and indented Servants bona Fide purchased, excepted) who is rated at Six Pounds, or upwards, towards the Payment of public Taxes, shall, at his own Expence, provide himself; and every Apprentice, or other Person, of the Age of eighteen and under twenty-one Years who hath an Estate of the Value of Eighty Pounds, or whose Parent is rated at Eighteen Pounds towards the public Taxes, shall, by his Parent or Guardian, respectively, be provided with a Musket or Firelock with a Bayonet, a Cartouch-Box to contain twenty-three Cartridges, a Priming-Wire, a Brush and six Flints, all in good Order, on or before the first Day of June next, and shall keep the fame by him at all Times, ready and fit for Service, under the Penalty of Twenty Shillings for every two Months Neglect or Default, to be paid by such Person, if of full Age, or by the Parent or Guardian of such as are under twenty-one Years, the same Arms and Accoutrements to be charged by the Guardian to his Ward, and allowed at settling the Accounts of his Guardianship."

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January Adjourned Session of Delaware,  Anno Millesimo Septingentesimo Octogesimo Secundo: An Act for Establishing a Militia Within this State (Wilmington, DE: James Adams, 1782), 3. Section 6. Passed at Dover, February 5, 1782.

It is unclear what the publication history of this document is. It could be a stand-alone publication or it could be part of a larger text. Hein provides no information about the source of this document. The only other information is that provided by Readex's America's Historical Imprints (Subscription Required), which simply states that their copy was taken from the Library of Congress and is now part of Early American Imprints, Series 1, no. 17514  (filmed).